SNB University

The SNB University was created by a legal measure of the presidium of the Federal Parliament, no. 109/1973 Coll. It commenced activity in 1974. Study at the SNB University was four-year and could be absolved either in the form of attendance or distance studies. The SNB University was discontinued by Ministry of the Interior of the Czechoslovak Federal Republic order no. 76/1990 of July 12, 1990, or more accurately July 31, 1990, pursuant to Act No. 181/1990 Coll. on the discontinuation of the SNB University.

The SNB University collection contains documents from the university’s administration, its Faculty of State Security (1st Faculty – State Security track), Faculty of Public Security (2nd Faculty – focusing on criminal issues and traffic police) and the Faculty of State Border Protection, with its seat in Holešov (3rd Faculty – State Border Protection). The collection includes study documentation of SNB servicemen-students, teaching aids and lecture notes, as well as theses and dissertations of graduates from the years 1974-1990 and diploma record books.

TitleRecord GroupTime RangeInventoryLocationLength
SNB University 1974-1990 Department of Archival Collections of the Federal Ministry of the Interior50 running meters