Materials assumed from the Ministry of Justice

In 1974, within the scope of the Correctional Education Corps Directorate (Správa sboru nápravní vychovy - S SNV), a department of internal protection was established, promoted in 1983 to a section. Its purpose was the counterintelligence development of persons serving prison sentences in order to gain from among them secret collaborators, with the goal of anticipating the disturbance of internal order (escapes, uprising, violence, theft, self-harm) and gaining information on the behavior of political prisoners. Information acquired in this way was used on the one hand with the goal of effective control of the overall situation in the corrective facility, and on the other as grounds for further persecution or investigation. Archive materials from the OVO (Odbor vnitřní ochrany – OVO, literally Section of Internal Protection, or the equivalent of a prison intelligence agent network) were handed over to the Security Services Archive by the Ministry of Justice – Prison Services.